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Walnut & Cherry End Grain Cutting Board

Walnut & Cherry End Grain Cutting Board

This is a Walnut and Cherry end grain cutting board. It is approximately 1x6.5x9.5. It has been treated with food grade mineral oil and would make a great addition to any kitchen.
  • Care Instructions

    Wood Care: Any wood coming in contact with food should be coated at least once a month (depending on use) in a food safe mineral oil or butcher block solution. Please see the Care Products page to see what we recommend.

    Washing after use: To clean, wipe the surface with a clean wash cloth dipped in hot water and mild dish soap. Rinse the wash cloth and wipe the board again. (Never submerge your board in water). Dry – Using a paper towel or dish towel, dry the surface of your board thoroughly

    Board Storage: While not in use, we recommend that boards be stored in a dry place and resting relatively flat.